My memorable support experience…

It was around August and festive time here in India.
Me, my boyfriend and his family decided to go out for lunch. We went to Charcoal, a restaurant nearby.
We had visited the place a couple of times before and the food is delicious.

Just in case you decide to visit Bhubaneswar and plan to go to Charcoal, let me tell you ‘Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce‘ and ‘Mud Pie‘ are the delights to have. 🙂
You can give it a try without any second thoughts.

So we decided to go there. Since it was festive time, there was a bit of rush. Seeing the crowd, I thought we would be kept waiting for a while, but we got lucky.
We all got seated. The Manager came and greeted us. He had a little talk with my boyfriend as we went there many a times before and then took our order.

We ordered the starters first. It took them around 30 mins to serve the starters. Since there was a bit of rush so the service was a bit delayed. But the wait was worth it. 🙂

We then ordered the main course. It had been 30 mins since were waiting for the main course but there was no sign of it. We understood that it was a busy day so we decided to wait.

And we waited…
and waited,
and waited some more.

It was past an hour and there was no sign of food. We understand that the place was crowded than usual but waiting for so long was way too much. We called the manager and asked about it. He understood that we were annoyed. He apologised to us and asked one of the waiters to attend us first.

The lunch was served but it was almost delayed by an hour and half. This had never happened before. We then had our lunch. All the wait and late service had already spoilt our mood so we enjoyed the food a little less at that moment.

The manager asked us if we wanted any dessert. I really wanted to have the Mud Pie but then we didn’t because we were already late. So we just asked for the bill.

After a while, the manager came with two plates of Mud Pie. I was so delighted seeing that. He said that it was complimentary from their end and they never wanted any customer to leave dissatisfied and in such a bad mood.

Earlier whenever we visited this place, we used to have Mud Pie for dessert. I absolutely loved the fact that he remembered this thing and made it available for us. It absolutely compensated for all the delays. I loved the fact that he cared for his customers and all he wanted was his customers to leave with a happy face.

That was it !!!

I believe it’s all about the choices you make. He could have chosen to just give us the bill, get paid for it. I mean he gets the money and his job is done there.
But instead he chose to take that extra effort and go that extra mile to compensate for it and to make his customers satisfied. It made us really happy.

This made my day very memorable.

Extra memorable because I got to eat two plates of Mud Pie. 🙂

Also, we now visit the place more than often.

“If Only…”

If only the roads were always right,
a passenger would have never gone astray.

If only the Judge could act on emotions,
the court would never demand evidences.

If only taking home earnings was always fair,
a man would have never learnt the unfair.

If only friends were always true,
an enemy would never act as a fake friend.

If only blacks and whites were considered one,
people of only one colour would have survived.

If only society was always to let in,
a soul would never have been ostracized.

If only love was always unconditional,
One’s faith would have never intervened.

If only life was always dreamy,
one would not need to learn the actual.

If only death was the better escape,
one would have never made lie an alternative.

If only those words were as real,
you would never have to believe otherwise.

The Less Privileged…

The world was a mess,
And humanity distressed.
He, who was eyeless, found colors in the dark.
While, all the eyed could find was darkness in the colors.
He, who was hard of hearing, could strike the most melodious tune.
While, he who was sharp-eared, could hear nothing but the filth of the world.
He, who was tongue-tied, expressed the thoughts so wise.
While, the one with the power of speech, was at a loss of words.
He, who was penniless shared his bread with the dog by the road.
While, he who had deep-pockets, couldn’t even share it with his own flesh.
He, who was strayed, found shelter under the sky.
While, he who was settled, couldn’t rest under his own roof.
As I walked past the street,
I saw,
The less privileged with a heart full of soul.
While the privileged all dead inside !

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Teachers come and go,
but to everyone I owe.
For they all have taught me,
A wonderful person to be.
I don’t know whom to thank first.
My Grammar teacher taught me,
to bind the words of wisdom.
My Math teacher taught me,
as quoted “the music of reason”.
My Science teacher taught me,
the fun of unraveling curiosity.
My History teacher taught me,
that we are made by it.
My Art teacher taught me,
not to put a brake on Dreams.
And as life goes on,
The teacher inside me,
taught to experience and learn.
Happy Teachers Day ! 🙂teachers-day-2016-peru-5986866463506432-hp2x



How we get coiled up in our daily chores.

The daily chores that moils us all.

All, into a turmoil of settling it fast.

Fast enough, that we don’t have time to view.

View the very thing that shifts us all.

Shifts, into a shape that won’t matter.

What matters, remains inevitable.

Inevitable and yet ignored.

Ignored and yet molding us all.

All into the Only Constant.

The constant around which life revolves.


The change that we all want,

And still don’t want it to occur.

The change that we all are afraid of.

Afraid of the changes, that Change brings.